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Throughout the ages, tales of Dragons have infused the legend and lore of the realms of lesser beings.  In the land of Merisyl there are more to Dragons than simply tales.  Dragons are a day to day presence, and their influence is felt in all aspects of life.

The rippling flight of a brass Dragon might cast a shadow over the coast of Haaven as fishermen set out to gather the morning catch.  The rampaging of a blue may send ripples through the fields of corn about her lair.  Humans and demi-humans of Merisyl have grown up with Dragons as their neighbors, their hunters and occasionally, their prey.

The political and religious structures of Merisyl have developed around the predominant Dragon species of the geographic area, and the culture and attitude of the citizens often follows that of their Draconic counterpoint.  Indeed, in some lands the Dragons themselves participate in the human and demi-human governmental structures.  In others, however, the Dragons are content to hold themselves above the law.

Across all of Merisyl it is not uncommon to encounter Dragons in humanoid form… sometimes to satisfy curiosity, sometimes for sport.  Like people, dragons are varied in their interests.  They may pursue a dalliance with a mortal, enjoy a mug of ale in a tavern, or attempt to trade with those not comfortable dealing with Dragons in their natural form.  The people of Merisyl can never be sure when a Dragon walks amongst them.

With Dragons so much a part of the world of Merisyl one might think that they have curtailed the development of any creatures which might compete with them in strength.  In fact, that is not the case.  The quantity and proximity of Dragons with such disparate temperaments has caused them to ignore people, and concentrate primarily on their Draconic rivals and human devotees.  Mystic creatures with great physical and magical strength roam the world, and the cities of the lesser races, acclimated by the majestic and overawing presence of Dragons, are accustomed to these as a matter of course.

Scholars disagree as to whether the innate magical energies of Merisyl attracted the Dragons, or whether their presence of Dragons has infused the land with their power. The fact remains, though, that magic is both strong and common.  Most people are born with at least one innate power Gift, and few are impressed by a show of magical prowess.One theory suggests that when the ancient race of Pacantryx died off that they were no longer able to serve as the stewards of the natural energy of Merisyl.  Without this stewardship, magic became both strong and unpredictable.