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The Unseen Walker, Truestrike, The Unbroken Spear, Ploughmaster

Holy Symbol: A sheaf of golden wheat standing upright with crossed spears in front of it.

Portfolio: Farming, Hunting, Agriculture, The Forest.

Alignment: Neutral

Clerics’ Alignment: Primarily non-chaotic

Domains (subdomains): Community (cooperation), Plant (growth, agriculture), Animal

Blessing: Treat Handle Animal as a class skill;+2 divine bonus to Survival at 1st level; Coordinated Reposition feat at 3rd level; Dominate Animal 1/day as a spell like ability at 5th level; woodland stride at 7th level; tree stride 2/day as a spell like ability at 9th level

Favored Weapon: Spear

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Art by Bo Moore


This green dragon is the god of farming, hunting, agriculture and the forest. He cherishes Nature's ability to provide, and demands that this bounty be treated with respect. Those who diligently work the land, and take only what they need are rewarded. Those who refuse to work for what they take, or who take more than what they need, will run afoul of Premyzic.

In his Draconic form, Premyzic appears as an emerald-green Dragon. Legends tell of how the Great Dragon Premyzic once woke the entire Osophian Forest to defend the surface against the incursions of the Verrkoth, and the damage done in that battle left the Azure Sands empty of trees even to this day.

In his humanoid form, Premyzic appears as a fatherly Half-Elf, with enough age to have achieved wisdom and enough youth to retain vitality. It is this form in which the religious imagery most often depict him. Some claim that his handsome visage is accountable for many of his women followers.

Centers of Worship

Worship of Premyzic is common in the small villages and towns in Merisyl that subsist largely on hunting and agriculture. It is less common (but still present) in the larger cities where crafts and trade are a more predominant. Neutral and Good aligned people tend to have more respect for nature, and the need to be respectful of the bounty it provides. It is rare to find an evil or greedy worshiper of Premyzic who is truly devout.

The Church

Temples and Shrines

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Holy Texts


Relations with Other Religions


Planar Allies