Dr. Leriana Avoranni

Selected Entries from the Journals of Dr. Leriana Avoranni, Professor of the Arcane

As collected by the Inquest Board, seeking insights into the seditious, insurrectionary and subversive acts of Dr. Avoranni which have led to her censure and issuance of warrant of summons before this Board for Judgement.


Observation Journal, 4th Calistril 4700 AR

Once again my mum was summoned by the Headmistress to fetch me from my studies. Mum put on a good show for them, with a raised voice, and a harsh tone but she has become practiced at placating my teachers. Out of earshot of the Academy trolls she allowed me to voice my side - as she always does. I have always appreciated that about mum. Never could I accuse her of being unfair.

So she came to understand that I balked at the foregone assumption that as a young lady I would be uninterested in the higher maths, and that as a Taldan I would be less capable than my Keleshite counterparts.

This stereotyping was compounded by dismissiveness when I pointed it out, and suppression when I refused to drop the topic. After all, if they can let Gorron “the moron” Fashbrott natter on about his prowess in the yards (wanker), they can damn well listen to my observations on equality.

Inquisitorial Note: Whilst Dr. Avoranni was but 12 at the the time of this writing it is clear that her disdain for authority was already mature.

Observation Journal, 28th Lamashan 4706 AR

These papers I was granted upon my completion of this so-called “education” from the Academy might as well be printed on the air with feathers for all the worth they have. I had to fight for every class, every advancement, every award and yet graduating in the top 3 of my class (oh, you Kartochi twins is there nothing you don’t excel at? Even your faces are perfect…) gives me the “honor” of serving at the Glistening Rim? And not even during the musicians hours - instead my ears are punished with the Gods-be-damned horrible excuse for comedy from these misogynistic wankers who think breasts and fart jokes are the height of civilization! I am quite sure that my Taldani heritage is behind these decisions. Mum councils patience and hard work and promises that it will pay off, but I am unwilling to simply play by rules designed for me to lose…

Inquisitorial Note: It is clear that Dr. Avoranni was unwilling to accept the natural order of Keleshite superiority and the Divine Truth of Satrap Xerbystes II rule almost as soon as she graduated the Academy.

Observation Journal, 17th Desnus 4708 AR

Off to the University of Korvosa at last! The last few years have been working towards this diligently, with barely a thought for anything else! I am beyond grateful for Arcamuss' guidance and support. His connections ultimately won me the admission I sought. Such a sweet old man, and so devoted to his partner even in the face of discrimination! The thought that a Gnome and a Halfling shouldn’t be together. Preposterous. Love is love.

Love is, of course, also a huge distraction and one I cannot afford. Jens Kartochi can keep his poems and baked goods and interesting flora specimens to himself. I will keep Nofte, though… One keepsake will be fine…

Inquisitorial Note: Have Arcamuss watched. She may still be in contact with him. When we apprehend Dr. Avoranni charge him with Fostering Disloyalty and confiscate the contents of his workshop. Undoubtedly there will be plenty of “evidence” there to support this charge.

Observation Journal, 30th Gozran 4717

Striding back through the University gates with false confidence on my face and a shattered heart has been harder than I could ever have imagined. It has been a tumultuous time. I thought my degree - my designation as a Doctor of the Arcane Arts - would unlock all the doors locked to me, and prove beyond a shadow of the doubt that I belonged. I was as good as anyone. I was equal. How naive. My parents were proud. Jens was proud. But the network of men who hold power were unmoved. They devalued it with rumor and innuendo about how I might have acquired it. (The truth was that it was hard fucking work and I am smart and dedicated.)

I may have reacted poorly. I may have celebrated the spate of deaths that happened (coincidentally, of course) to tear through the patriarchy in the summer of 4715.

Some may think me unlawful. Nothing could be further from the truth. As my studies of magic have shown, there is no higher power than the natural laws of the universe - and amongst them are Equality and Justice. These supersede the flawed laws of men.

Inquisitorial Note: It is no coincidence that we were unable to locate her journals from 4710 through 4716. I can’t imagine she destroyed them, though, as it would be so outside her normal behavior to eliminate any knowledge from the world. WE MUST KEEP SEARCHING. The evidence that she is behind the Uprising of the Mentats is out there. Jens Kartochi would never have gone down the path of rebellion without a woman’s corruption to turn him.

The Continued Journals of Dr. Leriana Avoranni, Professor of the Arcane


Observation Journal, 2nd Desnus 4720

I can’t imagine how, but I’ve lost my journals for the second time. The fire that took my mid-20’s from me was a tragic loss of information… I feel almost like a part of myself was missing. I have always wondered if Jens' sister Jahnna did it. There may have been information in my journals that could have damaged Jens, but these journals are my mark on the world… something to leave behind when my inevitable demise takes me from this world.

I can’t imagine what happened this time. It is as if I’ve lost a part of myself. No matter - I will start fresh. My collection of thoughts and wisdom may eventually fall into the hands of someone who will appreciate me for me. Perhaps I will be loved for who I am, even if by someone I myself will never meet.