Played By: Elena Mele (Unlicensed)

“I intend to find out exactly why I was supposed to just run off and leave my family” says a young woman sharing your table. She is young but determined-looking, tall and slight of frame. What strikes you first about her are her silvery blue eyes, finally seeming to focus as if she is shaking off the fugue that has plagued you all, and the mass of silver hair that rises in a crest above her brow before cascading down her back in a shining wave.

“I am Calryxia Tamaris, and I guess I am here because my sister bade me go, and in no uncertain terms. Aerdekyn is a strange one, to be sure, but when she speaks, we have all learned to heed. She is plagued by… visions. She sees and understands things the rest of us cannot, and even she doesn’t know why. She would like to think that the visions are gifts from Tamara, our patron goddess, but in her heart she fears that she is cursed. I know better, of course… only Tamara would send the kind of insights that Aerdekyn bears. Countless times she’s been guided by some unseen hand to find a wounded and helpless animal, which of course she then nurses back to health. Once she saved all our lives by suddenly insisting that we all climb down into the root cellar; moments later a violent twister tore through our home and nearly destroyed. Many of our neighbors were lost that day.

It kills me to not be there, keeping an eye out for her. She is so intent on helping the helpless that she often doesn’t note how some people look at her. While many admire her for her pure heart and her clear favor from Tamara, others see only that she is, well, different. They fear her, and envy burns in them. I should be there, protecting her.” The young woman notes a few incredulous looks from the others around the table, and stands up. “Think you I am too delicate to be a guardian? My strength may surprise you… I’m wiry.”

She sits again, and sighs. “I have had some weapons training, and I think my presence alone has spared her more than one unpleasant confrontation. But she will have to do without me… she insisted on it, and once she spoke, our parents would not gainsay her. She seemed certain that I must leave, whether to avert some disaster or to simply find my own destiny, I cannot say. And the strange haze that seemed to cloud my thoughts for much of my journey… I am sure that is not her doing, it is not her way. But perhaps she had some vague awareness of whatever it is that requires my presence here. I intend to find out, in any case. Perhaps we may all learn more together.”