Eclipse Adventure

An adventure for the Merisyl campaign setting. 

The Eclipse campaign pits your players against an Abyssal lord with an eye towards making Merisyl his personal realm.  He is cunning, malevolent and ruthless. This adventure should take the players from level one all the way into the mid to upper teens.

The party's relationship exposure to the real threat will develop slowly over the course of  the campaign, in a series of stages of progression presented here as chapters.  Early in the campaign the trouble seems to be just a group of bigots with an over-inflated sense of self-importance. 

As the party progresses, it becomes clear that this group is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is a powerful force behind them pushing the draconic races and the hominal races apart – and to have a chance at saving Merisyl this force must be turned towards unification, a fallen God must be restored and a creature of immense power must be defeated.

This campaign is presented as a series of chapters, each of which outlines episodes that include story lines, main characters, locations and events.  An episode is laid out in the following format:

  • Dramatis Personae – A brief summary of the main NPCs introduced in the episode.
  • The Facts Are These – Important background information for the game master to be aware of.
  • Story Line – A description of the events likely to occur in this episode.

  • Hooks – A transition idea for the next episode, or interesting possibilities for side adventures not included in this story arc.  The main story arc “hook” will always be prefaced with “Eclipse”.


Party Text

Text presented in this format is intended to be read to the party.

GM Notes

Pithy wisdom from the author’s perspective will be tucked away on the side… like this!