NPCs - Empty Throne

The Pinter Family

The Pinter’s leave in a modest home in Fargic Hill and rent out the attic to boarders. Freja works as an assistant apothecarian at Mettaric’s Alchemical Creations. She’s the the right hand to Ozhavi Mettaric and increasingly responsible for the lions share of the work as Ozhavi’s mental faculties and eyesight have declined. Since an unfortunate incident with alchemists fire having been provided as a hair tonic Freja has encouraged Ozhavi to take on more of an inactive role.

Hofton is a doting stay-at-home father. He enjoys taking the children around Fargic Hill and telling them stories about the various houses and shops that they see on their walks. While these stories are largely made up as entertainment for his kids, he is observant enough to pick up quite a bit of information people might prefer to keep hidden.

Freja (F Human 26)

Hofton (M Human 24)

Geersta (F Human 5)

Nergvold (M Human 3)

Raelin Dormont (M Dwarf 183)

Raelin is a member of the Stonewall clan and can often be found working the north gate. He is sympathetic to the downtrodden and will frequently be lenient on gate fees (either reducing them, or accepting barter) for those he knows struggle to pay them. He misses the days of Blizghuramoth and longs for a return to the days of a strong central government with a respected law enforcement arm. He has a number of grandchildren in the city, to which he is quite devoted.


Sarem Praemeyer (M Dhampir 72)

Sarem Praemeyer is beautiful, graceful and charming. Despite his 72 years, he passes for mid-20’s for those who don’t realize his Dhampir background. His fog-colored eyes and pale skin are a clear sign for those who understand what it means, but he distracts from them with eccentric, colorful clothes and a winning smile.

He is also a musical genius, capable of playing beautiful and haunting tunes on a variety of instruments including drums, the flute, the lute, and the harp - any of which he can accompany with powerful, moving vocals.

While his musical reputation is well known, what is far less commonly known is that Sarem is well-connected across the clans and collects tidbits of information from across that network. His sharp mind and keen intuition are often able to assemble these small pieces of information into valuable insights that can reveal clan plans and strategies.

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