Episode 1 - Music Appreciation

Background - Azhijasha & Hiski

Sarem Praemeyer is the musician at the Feathered Crest, and is well loved by patrons and staff alike. This handsome Dhampir is skilled at lightening a mood with a happy tune, or adding depth to a sensuous performance. Flute, lute or drums are all well played.

Unfortunately Sarem hasn’t been seen around the tavern in a few days, and gave no prior notice that he’d been away. The staff there is beginning to get worried, and even the normally unflappable Ms. Tzaki (Kyra Tzaki, F Morphic 65), the proprietor, is somewhat nervous.

Asking the Circlet to get involved, though, would incur obligations that might make life difficult for her (and those under her protection) in the future, so she’s turned to you as a pair of capable and trusted confidants to ask for help.

Ms. Tzaki’s only lead was that on the last night Sarem played at the Feathered Crest (FH1) the bartender (Zonhas Hyro, M Human 28) noticed a ship's captain talking to Sarem after the show for a lengthy period of time, and give a lavish 5 gold piece tip that stood out as highly unusual. Zonhas recalls the captain mentioning that she was staying at the Violet Moon (SW2), so that’s where her investigators started.

(Intended to get Azhijasha and Hiski to the Violet Moon, where they will meet Jess.)

Background - Ceann

For the past month you’ve been traveling with eyes peeled for the unusual, pushed by the sense that there is a purpose keeping you here in Notch. The other night while returning night from your foray for game and herbs you witnessed a group of men leaving with a suspicious air and a mule-pulled cart of potatoes. Struck by how odd it was to be leaving the city with merchandise at this late hour, on a hunch you chose to follow them, using your superior tracking skills and decent ability to stay unnoticed.

The small group took their load of potatoes into the Rickets (another oddity, as there wouldn’t be much money to be made by selling there, and moonlit charity runs are uncommon).

You clearly overheard the brief sounds of a struggle, and muted conversation. One snippet in particular sticks with you. “Don’t let him knock these potatoes all around. Fucking string-wiggler trying to waste perfectly good coin, and Ol' Grubber don’t give refunds.“ You’d like to step in, but on your own there is little that could be done to disrupt whatever chicanery is taking place. “String-wiggler”? Maybe they have an archer? Or a puppeteer?

Odd, but not much to go on. You do know who Ol' Grubber is, though. You’ve dealt with the irascible merchant plenty selling what you’ve foraged. Properly named Olin Gruber (M Human 58), his vegetable stand (SW1) specializing in potatoes, turnips, carrots and other various tubers has earned him the nickname Ol' Grubber for as long as anyone can remember.

Perhaps he might know what is going on here.

(Ol' Grubber’s stand is near where Barada and Sarem were walking. The expectation is that Ceann can meet the party near there.)

Background - Jess

A friend from the Waterblade Naval Academy, Barada Fainholm, left a message for you that she was in town for a few days before returning to Lysh on the next leg of her training run. She’s invited you to stop by the Violet Moon (SW2) for a drink before she leaves.

Barada isn’t her normal boisterously disrespectful self, as she’s suffering a crippling headache.

“Jess, great to see you again. Apologies, but I’m under the weather.” She groans and puts a hand to her head. “I was waylaid the other night… struck on the head and left in an alley. The intriguingly attractive and intelligent musician I was walking with was gone when I came-to. When I left you that note I thought we might share a drink and a girl’s night… but now I could use your help finding Sarem. I think he might be able to help me.“

For years Barada has been trying to dig up information on her father’s murder in Rivermouth, and Sarem seems to be an amazing wealth of knowledge.

TODO: Map info on where Barada and Sarem were walking when she was taken.

(Azhijasha and Hiski should meet Jess here.)


Following up at the Violet Moon and asking about the night in question would reveal that the captain in question is Barada Fainholm (F Half-Elf Swashbuckler), captain of the Wavecrest - a ship that typically makes the Notch to Lysh (by way of Daimlin) run but occasionally branches out to other destinations on Chayle when the money is right.

Barada and Sarem were waylaid outside the Violet Moon by their attackers. Sarem was the target, and they loaded him into a cart and covered him with potatoes to hide him, while Barada they left in an alley.