Infernal Fugitive

Cuyora Verbunna is an accomplished thief, a master of disguise and nearly impossible to track.  But her latest caper has garnered her very undesirable and unhealthy attention from Moloch, overlord of Malebolge, the sixth layer of Hell.

Cuyora has stolen Hideflenser, one of the whips which which he keeps his underlings in line.  Of more concern to Moloch, however, is the possibility that during her theft she may have overheard Moloch's plans to supplant Baalzebul in Cocytus.

Now Moloch is searching desperately for Cuyora, but under the guise of conquest so as not to give any hint to others in the infernal legion that what is at stake is not just a weapon - but a secret that could prove Moloch's undoing if whispered in the right ear.