Rise of the Termannic

In Rise of the Termannic the party encounters an organization bent on replicating the highly adaptive magical abilities of Termannic.  Their goal is to use these abilities to establish an iron grip on criminal enterprises across Merisyl.

The group is known as the Flaming Sorrow, and frequently mark themselves with a tattoo of a fiery tear.

What the Flaming Sorrow do not know, however, is that the Termannic themselves are far more than the magical insects they appear to be.  There is an intelligence that drives them, and it is violently opposed to the idea that their magical ability to adapt would be mimicked by others.  In fact, the malevolent will of the Termannic seems driven towards its own conquest of Merisyl.

The stories here are meant to be used as adventure concepts, not as a traditional module.  They outline story lines, main characters, locations and events.  Each segment will require some work by the Game Master to create the details of the combat encounters or fill in the color if the party chooses to explore areas outside what has been sketched out here.