Called Forth

The wizard Larkin came to Krunderyx three years ago he purchased a desolate outcropping towards the upper edge of the city - nearly into the cliffs themselves.  In a matter of weeks he had an imposing tower on this plateau - although no architects or builders in the city know who designed or built it, or how it went up so quickly.

Party Text

As you arrive at the base of Larkin's aerie the fog swirls thickly and the air is moist. Breathing is a strain - whether from the altitude or the cloying scent of decay is unclear. An imposing red and black tower appears intermittently high above through the murk. The steep slope to the northwest appears to lead to the base of that tower under the unblinking gaze of the sheer cliff face before you - and the precipitous drop behind. Wherever you look, motion pulls at the periphery of your attention - only to disappear under your direct gaze. It may be the foul mist; it may be the insects which appear to infest the cliff wall; it may be something more malicious.

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