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Welcome to the wiki for the Merisyl d20 campaign world, designed to be compatible with the Pathfinder role playing game.  

This is very much a work in progress as I migrate years worth of Word documents, notes, hand-drawn maps and drink-stained napkin scrawlings online for the consumption of others. #PatiencePlease

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Where am I?

This is the Merisyl Players space, intended for players participating in a Merisyl campaign.

You may also be interested in the Athear of Night - the open space for Character Backstories, contributions, etc.

The Merisyl Game Masters space has been made publicly viewable as well.  This space is always under construction as adventure ideas are recorded first in rough overview and then gradually fleshed out through the course of campaigning.

GM Tools

Web-based Game Mastering tools:

Where to Go Next?

If you want some flavor, read the Introduction.  Otherwise, feel free to explore the custom Classes and Races of Merisyl.

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