• Antacondri

    Antacondri are large cephalopods that consume organic matter and excrete the highly sought-after Antacondrus Paste – an ingredient that can be used to counter draconic magic when properly used.

    While virtually defenseless against an active foe, should a living being be rendered unconscious in a cave of Antacondri their flesh can be stripped from their bones in a single evening.

  • Arcane Manifestation

    In areas where high amounts of magical energy is expended over long periods of time, those energies can coalesce into a mindless entity that craves magic - both feeding upon it and using it as a weapon.

  • Burindal

    This intelligent race of subterranean creatures lives deep beneath the mountains.  They worship Zelagiur, and venerate darkness, and the precious metals that the earth yields in the depths of their lightless caverns.

    Their appearance is unique – five barbed appendages make up the base of the Burindal, with the mouth at the underside of their conjunction.  From this rises a mineral exoskeleton which looks almost like a stalagmite.  Five strong articulated limbs end in three-pronged pincers capable of wielding weapons or shields, or dealing devastating damage in their own right. At the top, stiff bristles surround a narrow orifice from which ultrasonic waves are used to navigate the caliginous tunnels of the underworld.

  • Elemental, Blood

    The essence of life infused with sentience independent of a body, this Elemental resents the meat casings that contain material it views as being its rightful dominion.

  • Kervachi

    The product of cross-breeding between Demons and Dragons, these highly magical creatures are both powerful and cruel.  Kervachi are the tacticians and strategists that carry out the will of their Lord.  While at first glance these may be mistaken for pit fiends, the Kervachi tend to be smaller, with more pronounced Dragon-like snouts, and typical coloring more similar to that of a Silver Dragon.

  • Prismatic Delver

    The pale chitinous carapace of this cow-sized crustacean takes on the color and appearance of the environment in which it is found.  It's ten legs are highly adapted to digging, and its mandibles appear to be formidable weapons.

  • Sritari

    The Sritari are undead monks originally created by the Order of the Clockwork Magus to serve as their elite fighting force.  It is rumored that others have divined the secret of how to construct these formidable warriors.

  • Tamgol

    The Tamgol are a tribe of intelligent raccoon-like humanoids that live in forests and caves.  Standing about 2’ tall, they are diminutive but vicious combatants.  They supplement their natural fur with light armor, typically made of hide.  They normally fight with spears and shields, although their natural attacks can be dangerous as well.  The Tamgol have been known to ingest Vettar Leaf to aid them in combat in particularly dangerous situations.

  • Termannic

    Challenge Rating:  XP: 

    Init: ; Senses: ; Perception 

    Aura: none

  • Umbdrial

    Umbrdrial are highly magical creatures about 3 inches long that have hummingbird wings, a stinger as a proboscis, an avian body and squid-like tentacles.  They feed off of the natural magic of Merisyl, and particularly gravitate towards areas where Kaol crystals have formed.