Voice of Litoriath

DescriptionIn Pacantryx temples where former High Priests of Litoriath were interred with their worldly goods, and in particular their jewelry, Litoriath has been able to fashion these voices of the past.
Weight120 lb.

Long Description

Litoriath has painstakingly used his limited affect on the world of Merisyl to imbue the skulls of former high priests and priestesses with the ability to answer either a limited number of questions, or have a discussion for a limited amount of time.  The skulls are silver Pacantryx skulls, and are activated by inserting faceted gemstones into the eye sockets.  The skulls retain their original Pacantryx personalities, including contempt for Litoriath if they were from the era of the plague.  Each head can answer either 1d4 questions or carry on a conversation for 1d6 rounds.  The heads will speak truthfully, as they believe the truth to be.  Once their power is expended they are nothing more than conversation pieces, unless a lesser wish or wish spell is used to recharge their energy.

Construction Requirements