Innate Abilities

The presence of magic on Merisyl is everywhere, and infuses all living things.  For the sentient races, these magical energies manifest themselves in additional abilities not always seen on other realms.


The races of Merisyl have a chance of developing one or more innate abilities that manifest themselves after reaching adulthood.  These are used openly by all, and referred to as their “Gifts”. These abilities may be selected by the game master, or rolled on Merisyl Gifts.

At every fourth level in addition to the ability point normally awarded at that time characters may elect to roll again for an additional innate ability.

Innate abilities are usable three times per day and have an effective caster level of the character’s level at the time of acquisition +2 unless otherwise specified in the description of the ability.  They function as spell like abilities unless otherwise stated.

Characters may choose to take an extra feat instead of the innate ability, if they prefer.

PCs vs. NPCs

All PCs are assumed to be Gifted (subject, of course, to the DMs discretion). NPCs have an 80% chance of being Gifted.

Those with no Gifts are referred to as "Ungifted", which is considered a vulgar insult.


Occasionally a spell taps into a particularly powerful vein of magical energy, and results in a surge of power.  Spells have a base chance of 20 on a d20 to surge.  This range can be increased through feats or magic items.

Surge effects:

  • Damage-dealing spells that surge result in double damage.
  • Non-damaging spells that surge result in double duration, or an increase of the numeric descriptors of the spell (at the discretion of the GM).

Strength of the Land

As a standard action, the sentient races of Merisyl may elect to call upon the magical energies of the land to heal themselves.  This ability is treated as a supernatural ability, and as such does not generate an attack of opportunity.  The effect of this heals Xd6 + Con. bonus (where X is the character’s level). 

This ability can be used a number of times per day equal to 1 plus the characters Constitution bonus.

For example, Durban, a 5th level fighter with a 13 constitution may heal himself twice a day, for  5d6 + 1 points of healing.

Some magical items or effects may allow characters to use this ability on other people.  In that circumstance, use the Con. bonus of the target to determine that variable portion of the amount healed.