Armor Optimization

This proficiency allows a character to use her armor to best advantage against one or more opponents in melee combat.  It takes a move-equivalent action one time per combat situation to initiate use of this feat.


Dex 13, BAB +3, Armor Proficiency


A successful DC check (reflex bonus applies) in the first round of any combat situation grants a deflection bonus to the character's Armor Class in that situation.  The bonus does not apply to any enemies who enter the combat situation after the initial use of the feat in that situation, and does not apply to ranged attacks.


DC - level

AC Bonus

< 15 - level


15 - level


20 - level


25 - level


30 - level




For example, Ixling, a 3rd level fighter, chooses to use Armor Optimization in combat.  He rolls a 15 for the DC check, adds his reflex bonus of 2 for a 17 total.  That matches the +2 row on the bonus table (20 – 3rd level = 17) and Ixling gets a +2 AC for the duration of the combat situation.

A “combat situation” is a series of rounds in which a character engages in melee combats against a given set of combatants. Once the character goes two full rounds without combat, the situation ends. The character must be wearing some type of armor or employing a shield in order to use the armor optimization proficiency.

The bonus provided by the armor or shield adds to the bonus from the armor optimization proficiency.