You have the ability to meld the flows of a group of Wielders.


Major rank in at least one Power, and secondary rank in another.


Player gains the ability to lead a group of Wielders with pooled powers.  This feat is considered a Channeling feat for the purposes of the bonus Wielder feats gained upon leveling.


Linking requires concentration and a shared purpose.  Because of this, to successfully link, each Wielder must make a concentration check with a DC of 15.  A failed check indicates that the Wielder was unable to add her power to the group.  A linked group is controlled by one Wielder, and other linked Wielders cannot channel while linked. For purposes of channeling mechanics (weaving multiple weaves, tying weaves off, blocking weaves, etc.) a linked group functions as a single Wielder (specifically the Wielder controlling the link), but drawing on the combined source points of the entire group.

A linked group may be controlled by any Wielder with the Linking feat.  The group is considered to be the level of the Wielder controlling the link, with as many ranks of Powers as she would have alone.  Control of the group may be willingly passed between linked Wielders as a swift action, provided the Wielder receiving control also has the Linking feat.  Control of the group cannot be unwillingly passed.

For example: Aylan, Tiana, and Jerel have each made a concentration check to successfully link.  The three of them are attempting to channel Fire Shield (minor Earth, major Fire: 24 SP).  Aylan leads the group and has majors in both of these, and so the group can channel this weave.  The total Source Points between the three of them is 120, so if the group wanted to they could tie off the weave for an additional 12 rounds.  The total duration of the weave would then be seven rounds (one per effective group level) + 12 rounds of tie-off, or 19 rounds.