Persistent Channeling

You have learned the ability to increase the duration of weaves without maintaining concentration on the weave.


Minor rank in at least two Powers.


Player gains the ability to “Tie-Off” their weaves, extending the duration. For any spell with a duration unit, the duration unit can be increased by 1 for every additional 20% Source Points expended during the casting.  However, the SP expended for a tied-off spell remain unavailable until the spell ends.

For example, Gaseous Form normally has a duration of 2 minutes per level, at a cost of 17 SP. For an additional 3 SP (17 * .2, ignoring fractions) it can be extended to 3 minutes per level.  If Zydallon is level 15 with max SP of 200 and casts a double-duration (2 minutes + 1 increased unit (+20%) + 1 increased unit(+20%) ) Gaseous Form for 23 SP, that spell will last for 60 minutes (4 * level 15), and during that hour Zydallon's effective max SP is 177. Even resting (gaseously) for that hour will not restore those SP - they are still maintaining the tied-off spell.



This feat is considered a Channeling feat for the purposes of the bonus Wielder feats gained upon leveling.