The following deities are worshiped in Merisyl.  These gods and goddesses are usually venerated as wise and powerful, but remote and uninvolved.  The pantheon serves as a conduit for divine power, but the deities themselves are largely unmotivated to directly influence events on Merisyl. They take the energy their devotees expend in worship and turn it to their advantage as they scheme for influence and control over the Draconic Plane.

The historians of the longer-lived races contend that the pantheon itself is relatively new; perhaps only thousands of years old. The most ancient ruins are devoid of any references to the pantheon as it exists today, and worship of the current pantheon may have resulted in the most powerful residents of the Draconic plane unintentionally filling a void left by the Divine power responsible for the creation of Merisyl.


The Flame’s Kiss, The Flawless Cut, Orefinder, Mistress of the Forge

Holy Symbol: A flawless diamond wreathed in flames.

Portfolio: Fire, mining, smithing, metal and gems.

Alignment: CG

Cleric’s Alignments: LG, CG, NG, N, CN

Domains (Subdomains): Fire, Earth (Caves, Metal), Artifice (Construct), Chaos, Good

Blessing: Energy Resistance: Fire (2) (increases by +2 at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20)

Favored Weapon: Warhammer


Merchant’s Friend, Old Pinchpenny, The Millstone, Roadwarden

Holy Symbol:  Bronze coin with Caltolav’s head in profile, with the draconic phrase "Noach Gixu Velkix" (Wealth Creates Truth).

Portfolio:  Trade, commerce, bartering, hard work, roads, travel

Alignment:  LN

Cleric’s Alignments:  LN, N, LG, NG, LE

Domains (Subdomains):  Community (Cooperation), Law, Travel (Exploration, Trade), Strength (Resolve)

Blessing:  +2 divine bonus to Appraise skill; +2 divine bonus to Diplomacy skill at 5th level; +2 to Knowledge (geography) at 7th level; +2 to Sense Motive at 9th level; all bonuses increase to +3 upon reaching 12th level

Favored Weapon: Scythe

Caltolav is the god of trade, commerce, barter and hard work.  He takes the form of a solemn bronze dragon.


The Hopeful Dawn, Night's Despair, The Silver Lord of Love, The Dark Lord of Wrath

Holy Symbol: As befits a god of such contradictions, Endrell’s holy symbol is elaborate. A silver “sun” representing hope is the background. This is slashed through the center horizontally by a black crescent moon with the points facing downward representing despair. A rose representing love sits above the crescent, while a dagger representing hate sits below.

Portfolio: Hope, Love, Hate, Despair

Alignment: NE/NG (Endrell’s alignment fluctuates with his moods.)

Cleric’s Alignments: Any. Given Endrell’s diversified nature, his divine clergy can be of any alignment. They tend to focus more though on the aspects that are closer in thought to their alignments, or with the faction within his church that they are aligned with.

Domains (Subdomains): Charm (Love), Destruction (Hatred), Evil, Good

Blessings: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Two-bladed sword or urgrosh (1st level); Weapon Focus (whichever weapon chosen at first level) (4th level); Greater Weapon Focus (same weapon) (8th level)

Favored Weapon: Two-bladed sword; urgrosh


The Lovely Lush, Lady Muse, The Gregarious Girl, The Beautiful Note, The Sultry Smile, The Tricky Tart

Holy Symbol: A harlequin/troubadour’s mask painted white with high, feminine cheekbones and an open mouthed, red-lipped, slightly seductive smile showing a few teeth denoted by harp strings.  A small gold flagon sits in the middle of the forehead of the mask.

Portfolio: Alcohol, Entertainment, Music, Humor, Pranks/Tricks, Seduction

Alignment: CN

Cleric’s Alignments: Any non-evil

Domains (Subdomains): Chaos (Revelry, Whimsy), Charm (Lust), Trickery (Innuendo)

Blessings: +2 divine bonus to Perform skill; Iron Liver trait at 3rd level; +2 divine bonus to Bluff at 5th level; +2 divine bonus to Disguise skill at 7th level; +2 divine bonus to Sleight of Hand at 9th level; all skill bonuses increase to +3 upon reaching 12th level.

Favored Weapon: Bow


Father Fathom, Brother Brine, The Terrible Tempest, The Grasping Gale, Lord Lightning, The Fiery Fulmination, Storm Lord

Holy Symbol:  A cresting wave with a jagged lightning bolt splitting it through the middle.

Portfolio:  Oceans, Storms, Lightning

Alignment:  Lawful Evil

Cleric's Alignment:  Any

Domains (Subdomains):  Air (Cloud, Wind), Destruction (Catastrophe), Evil, Law, Water (Flowing, Oceans), Weather (Storms).

Blessings:  +2 divine bonus to Swim skill; Read Weather as a spell-like ability 1/day at 3rd level; +2 divine bonus to Knowledge (Nature) skill at 5th level; +2 divine bonus to Survival skill at 7th level; Water Breathing as a spell-like ability 1/day at 9th level; all skill bonuses increase to +3 at 12th level.

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff


Mother Sun, The Arcane One, The Even-Handed, Lady Mage, The First Sorcerer, The Bright Queen

Holy Symbol: A draconic claw grasping a crystalline orb with yellow and blue rays projecting from it. The yellow rays represent the sun, while the blue represents magic.

Portfolio: Sun, Magic, Balance

Alignment: Neutral

Clerics’ Alignment: Any, though most tend towards some version of neutral, if not true neutral itself.

Domains (subdomains): Magic (Arcane, Divine), Sun (Day, Light, Revelation), Void (Stars)

Blessing: +2 divine bonus to Spellcraft checks at 1st level, +2 divine bonus to Knowledge: Arcana checks at 3rd level, Magical Talent trait at 5th level, Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law 1x per day at 7th level, Any one Metamagic feat at 9th level (must meet prerequisites), all skill bonuses increase to +3 upon reaching 12th level

Favored Weapon: Falcata


Alignment: Neutral Good

Followers’ Alignment: Any

Blessing: +2 Sense Motive

Favored Weapon: Earth-Breaker

Patrael is known as the Mistress of the Broken Moon. She appears as a Lunar Dragon, and is the Goddess of orphans, the oceans and the insane.


The Unseen Walker, Truestrike, The Unbroken Spear, Ploughmaster

Holy Symbol: A sheaf of golden wheat standing upright with crossed spears in front of it.

Portfolio: Farming, Hunting, Agriculture, The Forest.

Alignment: Neutral

Clerics’ Alignment: Primarily non-chaotic

Domains (subdomains): Community (cooperation), Plant (growth, agriculture), Animal

Blessing: Treat Handle Animal as a class skill;+2 divine bonus to Survival at 1st level; Coordinated Reposition feat at 3rd level; Dominate Animal 1/day as a spell like ability at 5th level; woodland stride at 7th level; tree stride 2/day as a spell like ability at 9th level

Favored Weapon: Spear


Alignment: Lawful Good

Followers’ Alignment: Primarily Lawful

Blessing: Energy Resistance (cold: 2)

Favored Weapon: Crossbow

Szalavalar is the goddess of order, logic, contracts, and engineering.  She is an impressive gold dragon


Mistress of The First and Last Breaths, Lady Rejuvenation, The Midwife, The Shrouded One, Mother Korthjach

Holy Symbol:  A weathered and cracked skull with a tree taking root and springing forth from within.

Portfolio:  Life, death, birth, rebirth and renewal

Alignment:  Neutral

Cleric's Alignment:  Mostly neutral, but any may serve.

Domains (Subdomains):  Air, Death, Earth, Fire (Ash), Healing (Restoration, Resurrection), Plant (Decay, Growth), Repose, Water, Weather (Seasons)

Blessing: Self-sufficient feat at 1st level; +2 divine bonus to Knowledge (Nature) skill at 3rd level; Detect Undead 1/day as a spell like ability at 5th level; Hide from Undead 1/day as a spell like ability at 7th level; Gentle Repose 2/day as a spell like ability at 9th level; further +1 divine bonus to Knowledge (Nature) and the skills from Self-sufficient feat at 12th level.

Favored Weapon: Kukri


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Followers’ Alignment: Primarily evil

Blessing: +2 Bluff

Favored Weapon: short-sword

Zelagiur is the god of darkness, hatred, deceit and greed.  His preferred form is that of terrifying umbral dragon.