Other Equipment





Antacondrus Paste

100 gp per lb.

1 lb

Antacondrus Paste can be used to counter or reduce the strength of draconic magic.

Kaol Crystal

75 gp

10 per lb.

Kaol Crystals can be used as spell components for a number of spells, as well as the material component in the fashioning of Kaolblade weaponry.  Kaol Crystals are immune to the effects of acid.

Leitchas Paste (1 application)

220 gp


This poisonous paste is formed from a particular kind of lichen found in the swamplands of Merisyl.  It can be applied topically or ingested. The paste is clear when wet, but dries to a light mint green powder. 


  • Onset time of 1 minute and a frequency of 1 minute.
  • Fortitude save DC 16
  • Effect: Fatigued
  • Cure: 1 save


  • Onset time of 10 minutes and a frequency of 1 minute.
  • Fortitude save DC 20
  • Effect: Nauseated, 2 CON damage
  • Cure: 2 saves


100 gp / 3 doses

¼ lb

When fresh napweed is chewed, or the pollen ingested with water, the person consuming it experiences apathy, food cravings and mild confusion (treat as fascinated for 2d8 minutes).  If dried and smoked the effects are more pronounced and potentially violent (treat as confused for 1d4 rounds).  An attempt to resist the napweed effect is made with a fortitude save of DC 16.

One napweed plant yields 3 doses.

Vettar Leaf

10 gp / dose


Ingesting a dose of vettar leaf grants the recipient a temporary increase to their alertness and reaction time (+2 initiative, +2 perception for 10 minutes).  Upon wearing off, the user is left nauseated for half an hour

* No weight worth noting.