Stones of Fate

DescriptionEnchanted dice which provide the user with a boon or bane once per day.
Value6,000 gp
Weight< 1 lb.

Art by Lou Lou Art

Long Description

These six silver dice are sealed in a velvet-lined mahogany container carved with a fractal pattern. Once per day they can be used to provide the person who rolls them with a single boon or bane which lasts until midnight.

Total% ChanceOutcome
60.00214%-6 to all stats
70.01286%-4 to all stats
80.04501%-1 to all saves
90.12003%-1 to all saves
100.27006%-2 to all skill checks
110.54012%-2 to all skill checks
120.97737%-1 luck penalty to AC
131.62037%-5' movement
142.48843%No effect
153.57082%No effect
164.81610%No effect
176.12140%+5' movement
187.35382%+5' movement
198.37191%+1 luck bonus to AC
209.04707%+1 luck bonus to AC
219.28498%+2 to all skill checks
229.04707%+2 to all skill checks
238.37191%+1 to all saves
247.35382%+1 to all saves
256.12140%+10' movement
264.81610%+10' movement
273.57082%+2 luck bonus to AC
282.48843%+2 luck bonus to AC
291.62037%+3 to all skill checks
300.97737%+3 to all skill checks
310.54012%+2 to all saves
320.27006%+2 to all saves
330.12003%+1 to all stats
340.04501%+2 to all stats
350.01286%+4 to all stats
360.00214%+6 to all stats

Construction Requirements

Craft Wondrous Item, divine favor, Cost 3,000 gp