Wand of Signalling

DescriptionSend a ball of light into the air, bursting into color at the apex.
Value1000 gp

Long Description

This rainbow-colored wand can be used to send a ball of light up to 400' in the air. At the apex of its flight, the ball will burst into a color of the user's choosing (determined with a modifier to the command word). This "burst" cannot cause damage, and while the light emitted by the burst is bright and can be seen for a great distance, it is not damaging to look at even at close range.

However, the user can also choose to break the wand (provided at least 10 charges remain) to cause a nova flare.  All sighted creatures within 30' of the wand must make a will save 16 or be affected as if hit with Color Spray. The wand is non-functional and cannot be repaired if used in this way.

Construction Requirements

Craft Wand, Color Spray